June 30, 2015

Things they say

1.29.15 Overheard. Lucy to Jane - "We would be super duper sad if we didn't have each other."

3.19.15 After I helped Jane in the bathroom - "Mom, I love you. Mom, you are beautiful, Mom! You are beautiful with your flip flops on and holding Isaac and everything! Mom, you are the nicest girl!"

3.19.15 Jane: "Mommy, I'm going to keep this dress forever! Until it's too little for me."

3.15 Jane got called to come help in Sharing Time but they called her Lucy. She pointed to Lucy and shouted, "That one's Lucy!" then pointing to herself, "This one's Jane!"

3.15 Sam: "Sometimes when I talk, I don't know why, but my voice sounds manly."

3.15 Jane: "That would be sad if we didn't have our hard-working Dad and our cute-working Isaac."

4.15 Jane makes up little scenarios like these all the time:
"What if night was day and day was night?"
"What if everybody had to live at Costco and all there was to drink there was lemonade?"
"Mom, what if you could change snow a different color?" Mom: "What color would you change it?" Jane: "Pink."

5.15 Jane and Lucy were putting their laundry away in their room.
Lucy: "Jane, let's do it without talking. That's too much talking and it's too distracting.
Jane: "No. Well, I want to be talking and talking and talking."
Lucy: "Well Jane, just do you best."

5.15 Jane: "We're playing preschool. I'm four and Isaac's two and Lucy's 85 - or I don't remember."

5.15 Jane: "Mom, I need some help deciding what I'm going to name my first baby."

Mom: "Do you know who has the best job? Me. Do you know what my job is?"
Lucy and Jane: "No,"
Mom: "Being a mom."
Lucy: "No, my job is the best."
Mom: "What is your job?"
Lucy: "Taking care of babies."
Jane: "My job is the best."
Mom: "What is your job?"
Jane: "Being kind."

5.15 Jane: "Let's go on lots of vacations and see lots of new things!"

5.15 Jane: "Whenever I sing God Gave Us Families I feel the Spirit.
Mom: "What does it feel like?"
Jane: "It feels like nothing scary can happen to me!"

5.15 Jane says "muse" instead of "use" and "closter" for "closer."

6.17.15 Jane: "Whenever someone says something then I just feel it in my head."

6.15 James was tucking Jane in bed and she said she wanted mommy. James used a growly, low voice and said, "I'm thunder mommy." Jane giggled and said, "I just want regular mommy."

January 29, 2015

Things They Say

Oct. 2014

Sam usually has to wear a uniform to school but he had a "free dress" day. I asked him what he
wanted to wear and he said, "I don't know. Something cute. Or something to make me look fast."

Mom to Jane: "What do you smell like?"
Jane: "Candy. I'm made out of candy and bones."

Sam and Lucy are way into personal jinxing right now. The other day I overheard Jane personal jinxing herself.

Jane: "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a bigger sister so I can put babies to sleep."

Nov. 2014

(James has a Nissan Versa) Jane: Lucy! Look at that car. It's a little white one. It looks like Dad's Ursula!"

Sam: "Mom, Jane has named her teddy bear so many things. Like Princess, Pretty Princess, Gummy Bear, Rainbow, Rainbow Rainbow, Ella Enchanted . . . she has named it all kinds of crazy things!"

Mom: "Jane, where did you find that stick?"
Jane: "I found it in Lucy's hand."

Jane: "Can I have a gem, Lucy?"
Lucy: "No."
Jane: "But I am your sister."

Dec. 2014

After James wrapped Jane's blanket around her "like a taco," James said, "Goodnight, Jane,"
Jane: "No, 'Goodnight, Taco.'"

We were going to eat lunch and James was studying downstairs. I asked Lucy to go get him. She said, "Is Dad home?" I told her he was and she went downstairs. Jane started chanting, "Dad is home. Dad is home. Home Depot. Dad is Home Depot." Then in her lunch prayer she said, "Please bless Mom and please bless Lucy and please bless Isaac and please bless Home Depot and please bless Jane." Then after the prayer she giggled and said, "Dad is Home Depot."

We had just finished skyping with my parents and I started to tear up. Jane asked me why I was crying and I said, "Because I miss my mom and dad. It's like if Dad and I went on a mission, you would miss us, huh." Jane said, "Yeah, we would miss you. Who would babysit us? I think the TV would babysit us!"

Jan. 2015

We were hiking in Snow Canyon and Lucy bent down and grabbed a handful and sand and said, "I just want to dump all this sand on my head."

Also hiking in Snow Canyon we were climbing on some big rocks and out of the blue Jane said, "I'm a little climber that doesn't have to be scared."

Jane finished telling James something.
Jane: "Right, Dad?"
Dad: "Yeah."
Jane: "Right, Dad?"
Dad: "Yeah."
Jane: "Dad, say, 'Right'"
Jane: "Dad, say,'Right, Jane.'"
Dad: "Right, Jane."

Mom: "Did you guys know that Dad and I love each other?"
Lucy: "Yes. You're just two random kids who got married and had kids and have a crush on each other."

Sam to Lucy while watching Johnny Lingo: "People would probably pay 9 cows for you; or 100."

Jane: "Dad, I'm going to tell you a story. Once there were two girls. One was Jane, and one was Lucy. The mom was named Mom, and the dad was named Dad. (There was a brother Sam too.) And there was a dragon. And the dragon got the dad. And then the family saved the dad. The End."

Jane: "Heavenly Father, please bless everyone and everything, in the name of Jesus Christ. amen. Oh I forgot one thing..."

James was telling the kids that Israel was the place where Jesus was born. Jane said, "Yes, Jesus is real."

In Lucy's prayer among other things, she said, "Please bless fuzz-fuzz..."
Mom: "Good prayer, Lucy."
Lucy: "You don't even know what fuzz-fuzz is."
Mom: "What is fuzz-fuzz?"
Lucy: "Our real house. I named him fuzz-fuzz." (totally straight-faced, not being silly)

Lucy: "Daddy, why do grocery store owners say 'have a good one?'"

Mom: "We don't always have to pray to have fun. You guys do that a lot."
Lucy: "We are the Rameumptom!"

Lucy really wanted to come somewhere with me. She said, "Please? If I can come, I'll give you an extra Christmas present every year!"

Lucy: "I wish I could pour a giant thing of sugar in my face."
Sam: "I don't like plain sugar that much."
Lucy: "Really? "
Sam: "Yeah."
Lucy: "You're like a grown up."

November 6, 2014

August 2014

Ogden Temple Openhouse
Blowing trumpets like Moroni

Straw Rockets

First day of school: First Grade

Pay Family Cabin

FHE: Nephi getting the plates from Laban 

Gully River

"These two fingers match!"

"I'm pinky pie"

Jane'e pink clearance shoes she bought with her own lemonade stand money

James' start of law school ceremony